Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Talk to me

I know you read this. You've told me you do. Why don't you talk to me too? Just click on "Comments" and leave me a message. I'd really appreciate it. I don't expect you to leave a comment every time you check this site, but every once in a while would be nice. I'd love to hear from you.


Tara said...

WOW you got your figure back so soon! wonderful! Can't believe how fast she is growing! and Such a beaut! (don't know if that is a word but Oh well!!!) That's the first mother daughter picture I've seen! Oh, SOOO cute!!!!

Anonymous said...
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John Howe said...

HI Brandi your little girl is growing so fast! She has got such a cute big smile. I think she poops more than i do the way it sounds! Such a small a girl but big colon. I'll write later. John

Ed Furne/Grandpa said...

Thanks for the birthday card, I enjoyed it very much. I think little abby is looking great. Looking forward to seeing her. I will advise as soon as we have time to get aaway. You have a big hug from me & Ileen. Keep the information coming as we enjoy it very much. It's always great to hear from you guys. I Keep john posted everytime sonething new comes in. Have a great day.
Ed & Ileen

Brandi said...

Thanks guys!

Tara, I was ALL belly so I was down to pre-pregnancy weight within 2 weeks. I still can't get my wedding rings back on, though.

John, you'll definitely have some new competition in the Gas Wars next time you visit!

Ed & Ileen, thanks for the Valentine's card! We got it today.