Friday, February 18, 2005

2 Months Down, A Lifetime to Go

Abby’s already 2 months old today. In some ways it’s hard to believe she’s only 2 months old. I keep wanting to bottle up these moments because she will never be this small again. At the same time, though, I can’t wait to go through the next stages. Before we know it, she’ll be rolling around, then crawling, then she’ll be walking. We blink and she’ll be slamming doors, and begging for a car. It goes by so quickly.

She’s changed so much in such a short time. She smiles and coos all the time these days…when she’s not screaming and crying. She has discovered that she has a voice, and she loves to use it any way that will get her what she wants. She has this particular cry that says, “I’m over here. Pay attention!” I wonder where she gets that from.

She finally decided she liked her car seat, so Abby and I have been enjoying getting out of the house. I’m teaching her the wonders of Target. She doesn’t seem very interested yet; she sleeps the whole time we’re out. In fact, this week getting out and going for a ride has been the only way she’ll nap for any good length of time. We’ve been able to go out on weekends as a family without a fuss.

Next week is her 2-month well baby checkup. We’re anxious to see how big she’s gotten, but we’re dreading her first round of shots. It will probably be harder on me than her.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Look at those big blue eyes. Her blue eyes remind my of saphirers (sp). In a couple of the pictures she looks like Damon as a baby and in others she doesn't.
I check the web site every day. If there are no new pictures, I just look at the whole web site and admire Abby. I miss all of you so very much!! Love, Mom

Brandi said...

Yeah, we decided that Abby looks more like Damon than me these days.