Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you so much everyone! Your kind words mean so much to us. We're settling in nicely at home. We were only a few minutes late to the girls' first well baby visit this morning! That included getting Abby ready too. Cora is up to 5lbs. 5.5 oz. and Emma's at 4lbs. 12.5oz. so they're growing nicely. Cora gained 3.5oz. since being released Saturday! Everyone keeps telling me not to try too hard with the breastfeeding until they get to 40 weeks gestational age (3 weeks old), so I've been pumping like crazy again. We've also been supplementing with formula because I'm not making enough to fill their voracious appetites yet.

They did have to get their bilirubin levels checked again since their doctor thought they still looked a little yellow. Their bilirubin has been high enough to keep retesting, but not enough to really worry about so far. Worst case we'll have to use those special blankets at home for a bit, but they definitely won't need to be hospitalized and go under the lights like Abby did.

I added a ton of pictures to flickr.

**UPDATE** We just heard back from their pediatrician. Their bilirubin levels have gone down since Saturday, so there's no need to do anything for jaundice this time around!


4 Little Men and Twins said...

adorable photos... they are beautiful! I have no idea why pumping would be better? all of my boys were born 37-38 weeks and latched on perfectly right away. is it because they are smaller?


Maureen said...

Glad everyone is healthy and doing well. I feel for you with the pumping! I pumped for Audrey for 6 months and what a pain in the butt, but worth it! Your girls are beautiful.