Tuesday, July 15, 2008

34 Weeks

I'm going to be pregnant forever! I talked to my doctor this morning about scheduling an induction since he told me 36-37 weeks would be my limit way back when we first found out about the twins. He's now decided that since I'm doing so well, he won't schedule anything until 39 weeks! These babies have absolutely no interest in leaving my belly, so I'll be delivering humongous babies right before my due date. I haven't even had any Braxton-Hicks contractions yet! My cervix is still being too cooperative at 3.03cm. My bp was a little up, but still well within the normal range: 134/80. I'm also up only 3lbs. from two weeks ago--somehow I've only managed to gain 25lbs. total despite eating like a horse!--and I'm measuring 38 weeks. Oh, Whisper (Baby B on my left) is now breech again. Her heartbeat was way up near my lungs.

I will now start going to Maternal Fetal Medicine for bi-weekly non-stress tests starting Thursday. During a non-stress test, they strap a thing that monitors contractions, and another for each of the babies' heartbeats. They check for movement from the babies as well as monitoring heartrates and any contractions I may be having. I was told to eat a light snack on my way there instead of a big meal because they want the babies active.

All along, I've had my sights set on making it to 37 weeks. That seemed doable once I hit the 30-week mark, and it's what's kept me going especially during the night when I'm completely miserable. Those extra 2 weeks are going to be hell.


Adriane said...

Congrats on 34 weeks!! I'm sorry about having to wait. My Dr. won't do anything until at least 38 weeks. So, I feel your pain a bit.

4 Little Men & Twins said...

I'm finally making it over to your blog... thanks so much for stopping by mine. You look AWESOME... I think i'm bigger. ha! My dr. won't do anything until 39 weeks either although I doubt i'll go that long. I really think these babies will come at 37 weeks.

talk to you later, Brittany

Anonymous said...

Oh that is totally crappy...especially when you have been hoping all this time for 37 weeks.

My doctor hasn't said anything about anything! I am 34 weeks today and I have an appointment tomorrow. Last week at my sonogram the boys were measuring at almost 5 lbs each. I have been hoping for something between 35-36 weeks...but I guess I could be in for a much longer wait!

And you never know when your babies will decide it is time, even if your doctor says it isn't time yet!

I am glad you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I am an idiot. I am only 32 weeks today. Oh my poor pregnancy brain...