Tuesday, May 06, 2008

24 Weeks

Has it really been 4 weeks since my last post? Oops!

A lot has happened in these four weeks. The day of those appointments, Abby threw up all over town. It started at Target after my prenatal visit, in the Lawn & Garden section where I'd stopped to sit. At least we were in a convenient place since we could buy her a clean outfit to wear. Unfortunately, that meant taking her with us to the ultrasound appointment instead of to my friend's house. After a couple false alarms in the bathroom while we waited our turn, she threw up again all over the ultrasound room right before we got started! This was a really long ultrasound, so she got bored. Poor Damon had to take her to the bathroom a dozen times since she kept saying she was going to throw up again. She threw up again in the car when were about a block from our house. She's now in a booster seat because I can't stomach cleaning it and Damon hasn't gotten around to it (that car seat is going in the trash!).

New Booster Seat

About a week later, I caught her stomach bug. I was up all night throwing up again, which is so much worse after having a several week break from it. Once again, we ended up in the hospital in the morning. This time, I was not only severely dehydrated, but my potassium level was very low. I ended up there for about 12 hours because I had to get hooked up to a potassium drip. That took 5 hours to empty. Then another 2 hours before they could draw blood to retest me. It was a loooong day! Thankfully, that seems to have been the last of the pukiness for me!

In other news, my neighbors threw us a baby shower about a week ago. Damon's mom, Rita, was able to make the trip here for it. I couldn't believe how many gifts we got! Particularly from strangers! We received gifts from people who haven't even broken ground on their houses yet! Several of those who haven't even met us yet couldn't make the party, but sent a gift anyway. I think we received a gift from almost every single person in the neighborhood! I spent all of last weekend making cinnamon rolls and delivering them to everyone who already lives here.

I had another prenatal appointment this morning. Surprisingly, I haven't gained any weight in the last 4 weeks despite eating everything in sight! If only it were that easy when I'm not pregnant! My blood pressure was fine, and I measured 31 weeks, right where I should be. The babies' heartbeats were also good and strong. I've now been given official orders to "slow down" and "take it easy." I'm so not one of those people who can't sit still and must be doing something at all times, so taking it easy isn't that hard for me to do. Lately, I can't even make it through the grocery store without getting really sore! I go in Friday to MFM for another ultrasound. Hopefully I'll upload the last ultrasound pictures before then!

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