Thursday, August 16, 2007

Please don't tell me they don't allow me to bring food on the plane

Did you know they no longer serve meals even really long flights? For $5, we can buy either a sandwich or a salad--none of which Damon or Abby would eat--that come with chips or fruit? Everytime I think of SEVEN HOURS on a plane with Abby with no food, it sends me back to the store to buy more snacks.

Please don't tell me they don't allow food on the plane.

From left to right: 2 kinds of dried fruit, wheat crackers, granola bars and raisins, mini Teddy Grahams, fruity Cheerios, and Goldfish. I hope that's enough food for us for SEVEN HOURS.

Oh yeah, and Bubble Yum as a special treat to be chewed during take-off and landing in the hopes that the pressure won't bother Abby too much.

Not pictured: Benadryl since it was the first thing I packed.


laura said...

Don't worry about the food - I've never had a security screener object to M's Cheerios or Cheddar Bunnies or dried cranberries or whatever! It sounds like you have a good stash. Will you be able to re-stock at your destination?

Brandi said...

Thanks! That makes me feel better. Yeah, we can definitely restock before we head home. I know a lot of that will come back with us too, but it's good to have choices, right?