Friday, June 15, 2007

Our walk-through yesterday went really well. Most of what we found were just paint touch-ups. I love that we got to do this a week before we close, so they have time to fix as much as they can before we move in. The project manager we met with told us they already have a lot of their subcontractors scheduled to come in today to get started. Despite taking more than a year from the initial contract-signing, we've had a terrific experience with our builder. Everyone has been very helpful, and they've treated us as if we're they're only clients. Now, we are definitely anxious to move in and finally get settled. This coming Thursday is the big day! We have another walk-through in the morning to check the stuff that was supposed to get fixed and go over how to use things like the thermostat, and we close in the afternoon. We'll be loading up the car with as much as we can and spending the night in the empty house that night. John will be here Friday to help us move our things out of our current home, so we'll at least have beds and a couch for the weekend.

They mentioned to us yesterday that the Air Force Academy's head football coach, a neurosurgeon (McDreamy!), and a head guy for Comcast are all building houses in our neighborhood! We're going to have some very impressive neighbors. If only someone would buy a lot on our street already! Damon jokes that it's going to be like living on an acreage for a while.

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