Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The official end of babyhood

Something amazing has happened in the past week. I've been a little hesitant to blog about it because I was afraid of jinxing it. It's now been a week, though, so it's time I come clean. I still can't believe it's happened so easily and quickly.

Abby's potty-trained.

We've been pretty lazy about it the last couple months, but last Tuesday I realized we were down to 6 diapers. I vowed then that I wouldn't buy diapers again. Abby spent the rest of the day in panties, only having one accident at home. That afternoon, I decided to try to overcome my fear of Abby having an accident in public. We had an errand to run about 5 minutes from home, so it was a good first step. I spent the entire drive telling Abby over and over that she needed to tell me if she had to go, and that she wasn't to go in the car. It turned out my fear was unwarranted. We spent about an hour away from home, and she did fine in her panties. No accidents!

A few days later, on Thursday, she completely shocked me. I had a doctor's appointment, which turned into 4 hours of errands. I put her in a Pull-Up and didn't push the whole "potty" thing at all. I completely expected her to go in the Pull-Up. While we were in the waiting room, she excitedly told me she had to go! We made 5 trips to public bathrooms that afternoon, and only 2 of them were false alarms. She went every other time, and her Pull-Up stayed completely dry!

After a couple days of going out in public wearing Pull-Ups, only for Abby to stay dry, we bit the bullet and let her wear panties out on Sunday while we ran some errands. We've been fortunate that the few accidents she's had this week have all been at home. We've already had to stop at a gas station only 5 minutes after leaving home a couple times, but for the most part she's been great about only telling us when she actually needs to go. We're still using Pull-Ups during naps and at bedtime, but she's even been staying dry at naptime as well.

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Rachael said...

I am so freaking jealous! Gav is 2 months older and he isn't even close. Can you stop bye and potty train him for me? Please?