Thursday, January 18, 2007

She's a big girl now!

When we were in Iowa over Thanksgiving, we discovered that Abby could easily climb out of the Pack & Play. She's such a good kid, though, that all we had to do was tell her she wasn't allowed to climb out and she wouldn't. When she'd wake up from a nap, she'd just stand there and holler until someone went in and got her.

Recently, we realized that Abby's getting too big for her crib. Back in May, we tried to convert her crib into a toddler bed because she'd been trying to climb out. It so did not work! We never did put the front rail back on, and just put the open side up against the wall. For months after, we'd hear her crash into the wall in her sleep! It never woke her up, and she didn't wake up covered in bruises, so we just let her be. At least that setup lasted almost a year.

Now, however, she's so tall that the shorter part of the side rail (where the front rail attaches) hits her at lower chest-level. I've gotten so worried that one of these days, she's going to flip right over. She's made a few half-hearted attempts to climb out, but she's never gotten as far as she did back in May.

As an aside, Abby's suddenly very much into being a "big girl" these days. She loves to go "peepee pie" because that's what big girls do (I bought her an "I'm a big girl, so I go to the Potty" book recently), although she doesn't want to go all the time. A few months ago, I accidentally bought a pack of Pull-Ups while searching for overnight diapers. They've been sitting in a drawer since. The other day, I needed to get a diaper back on her for her nap, but she was having none of it, so I conned her into wearing "big girl" diapers. Now, all she wants to wear are Pull-Ups when she's not running around bottomless. Also, I had my annual mole check at the dermatologist's office yesterday, so I sat her down before we left and explained where we were going and why. I told her that she needed to sit in the chair like a big girl while the doctor was looking at Mommy, and it worked! The whole way there, she kept saying "mole sick" (she has an Sesame Street DVD she loves where Elmo gets sick and goes to the doctor) and "big guhl chair." She was a crazy kid in the waiting room, but as soon as we got into the exam room, she sat herself down in the chair and didn't move until we were done. I had to grab a toy out of my purse occasionally, but she didn't get up from that chair once. I was so proud of her, I took her to play in McDonald's afterward.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, her crib. We'd already agreed to flip her crib around this weekend, but I tend to be too excitable and impatient. I couldn't wait! I told her all about the big girl bed while she watched as I flipped it around. Also, I kept her up later than usual before her nap, so she'd be good and tired. She was pretty nervous about it, so I tried staying in with her until she fell asleep thinking it would make her feel better, but after awhile it was clear I was keeping her up so I left and told her not to get out of bed. I could hear her talking to herself for a few minutes, and whine a little for a few minutes more, but she's now sleeping peacefully in her very own big girl bed.

Waking up.First Nap in Toddler Bed


mo said...

Connor is still in his crib and his is also a convertable. We keep talking about taking off the front rail, and then I picture myself chasing him back to bed while holding a screaming Audrey and we hold off. He isn't the type to do ANYTHING you tell him to, so we'll probably wait until he tries to climb out. Good luck with Abby, it looks like you won't have too much of a problem.

Brandi said...

This is the first night we're trying it and so far, so good. Both naps the last couple days have gone well. I do need to stay with her for about 10 minutes or so, until she feels comfortable in her bed, but it's getting easier. It's so much better this time around because she gets it.

When she woke up from her nap today, she stood in her usual spot against the side rail until I went in to get her! I did explain tonight that she can come to our room when she wakes up in the morning, so we'll see how it goes.

laura said...

Is it still going well? That's what I'm thinking of doing with Madeline, as I'm loathe to buy a toddler bed ...

Brandi said...

It's been going really well, Laura. She's been waking up more often in the middle of the night, but that's about the worst of it. I do have to spend a good 10, or more, minutes with her until she gets sleepy every time I put her down. This week, she started climbing out of bed when she wakes up, which is so nice because she just crawls into bed with us in the mornings. No one gets anymore sleep after that, but at least it gives us time to wake up completely before getting out of bed. We haven't had too much trouble with her getting out of bed right after we put her down. Yet. She has done it a couple times, but it hasn't been too bad.