Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This Potty Training Thing is Easy!

Ever since I bought that cushion yesterday, Abby has wanted to do nothing but sit on the toilet. All. Day. Long. She didn't have as much time on it as she would've liked yesterday because we were busy, but today we're homebound. I've been letting her run around the house bottomless because it's too much trouble to help her out of her pants/diaper every 3.2 seconds when she wants to sit on the toilet. So far, we haven't had one accident yet. But I'm sure I've just jinxed myself. Not only have there been NO accidents, but she's peed in the toilet TWICE! The second time I knew it was coming because she stopped watching The Wiggles to sneak into the bathroom. I followed but stayed outside until she was done. Then I was able to do the happy pee-pee dance and cheer her on.

UPDATE: The only accident of the day so far happened after I put her in panties. Bottomless is best. Also, she just POOPED IN THE TOILET!

UPDATE2: I had to run to the design studio this evening and while I was gone, Damon said Abby successfully peed in the toilet AND WIPED HERSELF AFTER! We're nowhere near ready to get rid of diapers completely, but I'm amazed at how well this first day has gone.


mo said...

That's great! Sounds like Abby will be trained in no time. Connor likes to go in the potty, but he refuses to wear underwear. Whenever I try to put them on him he walks around with his legs spread pulling at them. He isn't used to the way they feel yet, I guess. We haven't really gotten serious about it b/c of the new baby. I figure after the holidays when he is a little more settled with Audrey, we will start the hardcore training. I dread being out in public with a cart full of groceries and him telling me he has to go.

Brandi said...

I had to bribe Abby to wear the panties, but they turned out to be more trouble than they were worth. I'm definitely not ready to let her wear them outside the house.