Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Abby Got Tagged

Connor tagged Abby to share 3 things about herself.

3 Things that Scare Me:
The vacuum scares me a little, but not enough to make me cry.
Mommy taking a shower.
Strangers scare me for about a second, then I quickly make them my friends.

3 People Who Make Me Laugh:
My new best friend, John

3 Things I Love:
My blankie and baby. I can't sleep without them.
Playing with other kids

3 Things I Dislike:
Having things in my hair
Sitting in the stroller

3 Things I Like to Play With:
My Elmo radio
Inflatable swimming pool inside the house. I like to turn it upside down, put it over the air conditioner vent so it makes a dome, and play inside it.

3 Things I Don’t Understand:
How to talk on the phone when there is someone on the other side.
Why I can’t just drop my food on the floor when I’m full.
Why I’m not allowed to play in the trash.

3 Things on My Dresser:
Wipe Warmer
Boudreaux Butt Paste

3 Things I Can Do:
Climb everything from the toilet to my high chair.
Say many words, except Mama.
Pick my toys up and put them in my room when Mommy asks me to (and I feel like it).

3 Words to Describe My Personality:

3 Things I Can’t Do:
Climb out of my crib
Say Mama
Keep my diaper on if I’m not wearing pants

3 Things You Should Listen To:
Anything by the Wiggles
Elmo’s “La La La” Song
The them from the Gilmore Girls

3 Absolute Favorite Foods:
Berries, particularly blueberries. I ate an entire package of blueberries while Mommy shopped for groceries today. Mommy’s dreading my next poopy diaper.

3 Things I’d Like to Learn:
How to unbutton my onesies so I can get to my diaper
How to use utensils consistently
How to climb into the tub

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly:

3 Shows I Watch:
Sesame Street

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