Monday, January 30, 2006

Completely Scattered...Just Like My Brain

Abby's been really busy learning new things since I last posted. I can't keep up!

She likes to sing now. When she plays with one of her musical toys, she'll "nanana" along with it.

She points at everything and asks "Da?" One of her favorite games is to sit in our laps in the glider in her room and have us read to her from the 4 or 5 books on her dresser. She'll only let us get through a page or so before she's pointing at the stack wanting a different book. We'll go through this over and over until she tires of it. Then, she'll slide off our lap and take the book with her. She'll run away with it excitedly and look back to see if we're going to try to take it away from her.

She does the same thing with the remote because she knows it's the one thing we try to hide from her. When she does get it, she'll run around the room with it while shrieking as if it's the funniest thing ever. She'll tease us with it too. She'll walk toward us with it in her hand as if she's going to give it to us, then turn around and run away at the last second.

Back to books: when we're in the basement, she's gotten a lot better about sitting through an entire book. She loves to be read to. She hands us books all day long, and if we're on the floor with her, she'll crawl into our lap to enjoy the book. She also likes to read the books herself. She'll sit with a book and turn the pages while babbling as if she's reading it. She spends more time with her books than any other toy. I'm so glad she's developing my love of books.

We bought her a "potty." She's nowhere near ready to be potty-trained, but she went through a few days where she'd pee on the floor in the bathroom after we'd take her diaper off for her bath. I figured if we could catch her, we could sit her down in the potty and maybe start associating the two. Of course, she hasn't had any accidents since. She does like to sit on it though.

She loves wearing things on her head: Damon's hats, headbands, burp cloths... They don't stay on very long, but she loves it when we put something on her head. She'll take it off and bring it to us over and over to put it back on.

A few times, I've been able to get her to bring me something if she's close to the object. It takes a lot of hand gesturing and pointing on my part, but she'll eventually figure out what I'm getting at and bring it to me.

God help us, she's climbing now. She still won't go out of her way to climb up something, but if there's an easy way up, she's all over it. If we forget to push the kitchen chairs back in, she can pull herself up like she does the coffee table. From there, it's easy climb up to the table. Scary! She can also climb on top of her Leapfrog table that she's loved so much, so that toy is going into storage. She's still not getting up on the couches, but she has been trying.

She's enjoyed turning light switches off for awhile, and she recently discovered there's a switch on the wall behind a couch in the basement. After a few tries, she's also figured out how to turn the lights on as well. Now, she wants to get up on the couch all the time to play with the switch. She gets so upset and frustrated because she can't climb up there yet.

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