Monday, July 18, 2005

7 Months

I've decided that this is the perfect age, and Abby can just quit growing now, thankyouverymuch. She is so much fun these days. She loves to roll around on the floor to play, and she constantly amazes us with her acrobatics. She will happily play by herself for a while, as long as we are close by to pay attention to her when she so chooses. She comes to us now. She will scoot away with a toy for a while, but she always comes back to see what we're doing. She uses our bodies to pull herself up to standing, though she hasn't figured out how to straighten her torso yet.

Abby is full-on crawling now too. She only goes a few feet before collapsing onto her belly, and she's gotten really good at "commando crawling" on her belly. Since she started sitting up on her own a few weeks ago, I usually bring her to the computer room with me and plop her on the floor with a few toys. Today, she crawled the whole way to me. This far:
I then put her farther back, and she did it again. Between crawling on all fours and belly crawling, she went about 8 feet in one shot.

She's sleeping really well too. Abby typically sleeps from 8-5:30am. I let her play until about 6, and she's perfectly happy with a pacifier and a bear until I go in. She always has such a huge smile for us. She's been taking 2-3 naps about 2.5 hours apart for about a month now, and she's starting to extend her awake time to 2.5-3 hours recently. More often than not, she's still restless after 2.5 hours, and she'll play for awhile before falling asleep. A few times, I've gone in to check on her and she's asleep like this:

It looks like she was sitting up, got tired, and just fell forward to sleep! It looks so uncomfortable, but she's sound asleep. She's such a restless sleeper that she doesn't stay like that for long.

She has 2 teeth in the bottom. The second broke through a day or so after the first. They're still not out far enough to get a picture, but they are getting there. It's much easier to catch a glimpse of them when she smiles now. So far, teething hasn't been the nightmare I feared it would be. We've had a few nights where she woke up screaming and wouldn't settle down for a good hour or two, but not that many.

We weighed and measured Abby last night. She's now to a point where she's no longer growing a ton every month. She was about 28.5 inches long (only a .25 growth from her last doctor's appointment), and 18.5lbs. The length is always iffy when we do it because Abby is so squirmy. We tried a different approach to weighing her this time.


pleutim said...

She has gotten so big!! She's adorable. Time is flying; Brogan'll be 8 months on Saturday.

Rachael said...

Happy 7 months Abby!
Gah! those picture of her on the scale arte to die for cute. She looks so prefectly round and adorable.
Gavin sleeps like that a lot. He will fight fallign asleep and spend an hour playing with his mobile and then pass out like that. It's always adorable to see them sleeping like that.